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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 28, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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i would love to meet you. i have seen what is coming out. the cdc should have done better. they could have done better. it is not a complete outbreak yet and we are doing everything we can to make sure to control it. the problem right now is with funding. secretary kerry asked for $1 billion of redirected funds to it. things the cdc and some are going on and it is ridiculous what the government is doing. we are putting $2.9 million to ,ind out why lesbians are obese two main dollars to find out why the elderly are not joining the choir. grants are not being accounted for that we have to take care of. >> the last candidate to answer is ed tarpley. what do you think the response should be? responsek the nation's
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from the federal government is one of the greatest examples of the dysfunctional nature of the federal government the can possibly imagine. italy takes common sense to realize we are dealing with the disease. it does not take clinical correctness. it is about dealing with the lives of citizens. we need to shut down flights from west africa. everyone understands this. why the cdc can't figure this is amazing. what we need is common sense and we need to shut down the flights from west africa until the situation is under control. >> will be on to question number two. it is the basis for many campaign platforms. >> we continue to debate the affordable care act. each candidate will have one it minute to answer the question.
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care act isdable not the solution for ensuring the uninsured, what is? if it is, what would you propose to improve the act? mr. barron, you will answer first. sayingon the record as the affordable care act is a step in the right direction, but it does not go far enough. i would like to see the veterans administration more fully funded and expanded as an accountable care organization and as a model for universal care and access for everybody. >> thank you. if the affordable care act is not the solution, what is and what would you propose? >> before look act is not the solution. i have never seen a worse policy in my lifetime. the job killing nature as well as the personal mandate and the unconstitutionality of some of the substitutes go beyond the
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stoat of the executive branch. job policiesck on on that and i think the real solution is on a health savings account, a private, free market that can provide better health care to all the citizens of the fifth district. if the affordable care act is not the solution to ensuring the uninsured, what is? >> when i think about the oak -- the affordable care act, it is son fishing and he gets the backlash from the real. sometimes you cannot maintain it. obamacare is going to raise our cap -- our taxes. is going to cost jobs. look at the premium increases. they will not post the premium until after the
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election. >> what would you do personally to improve the situation? >> i would call it the unaffordable act. so many things it is causing to cause people to go part- time. people are now working 30 hours or less. it has to be addressed. we have to totally wipe it out and it we have to have suggestions of what to do. we have to take care of people's existing conditions. we have to take care. we have the best health care system in the world. why destroy the best health care system in the entire world? i look at countries that have this and have waiting lists to have surgeries. we need to be able to address the issues where people can have their surgeries in a timely fashion. to run to allow people
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the health care system. cheapermedicine that is and can be afforded. the commonly held assumption is that democrats as a whole support the affordable care act as implemented. is the solution for ensuring the if youed and use of -- support the act, what would you do to improve the legislation? >> we should all be aware of that it will not be repealed because it is the law. even if the senate is taken over by republicans, they will not have enough votes to repeal it. secondly, need to understand there are a couple of good pieces in the affordable care act. one is the fact there are pre-existing illnesses that exist. yet students on their parents policy from 26 until 22.
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it is not perfect. we all know it is not perfect. why terra poll thing when you have something that will for the opportunity for citizens to have health care, which many presidents have tried to have but this present has been able to do. these are the types of things that our people need to be healthy. they need to be gainfully employed and have job so they can be productive citizens. >> vance mcallister, your opinions in one minute, please. >> i am in the middle of it. we can talk all day about hot air and how we are going to repeal it and get rid of it. it is not going to happen. even if we get controlled the senate, it is not going to happen. but we have to do is for the next two years, hopefully the republicans can take over the executive branch. we have to do with the reality
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of what is going on in the world. it is creating uncertainty on the markets. the premiums are going up in 2015. we have done a lot in the house right now. we need to make it so these countries do not have to cut employees. if we do not take over the senate, we are in the battle with dealing with the destruction of the country. we have 370 bills on harry reid's desk right now that we cannot pass. ed tarpley, is the formal care act the solution -- the affordable care act the solution? >> it is not. the solution is the free market economic system. this is the solution to the gigantic problem in our country. the affordable health care act has hurt the middle class as
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much as anything as we have ever seen. do you realize that the 40 our work week is being destroyed as a result of the affordable health care act? why is that? act, a full-time employee is someone who works at least 30 hours. what happens is the employers are not hiring full-time employees. they are hiring part-time employees and the ones they have, they're are cutting hours back to 28 or 29 hours so they won't have to pay for their health insurance. we have other employers like walmart that are just completely getting rid of health insurance for their part-time employees. what we see happening with the affordable health care act are unintended consequences that are damaging the middle class, hurting wages, and hurting working families in this country. ralph abraham, your thoughts as a physician? >> i'm a physician and i work with this every day.
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it is a mess. to the point in my practice where i can't write a prescription. i can't get an mri or ct on a young woman was an aneurysm in her brain. does it need to be repealed? absolutely. can it be repealed? we will throw the hail mary pass. it that way, we will try every possible way. you ask about the solution -- the solution for medicare -medicaid, obamacare, is what is called an aco. accountable care organization. there is a program in place right now that has saved medicare $30 million as of august 30. guess what? the federal government won't advance it. i guess it works. it has to be it change because working in the trenches, i have to dance around it every day of
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the week. a 32nd question from recently retired and disabled veteran ken gibson. >> he wants to know what you will do to better help veterans and improve the current state of health care provided to veterans. we begin with republican harris brown. >> what has happened with the v.a. system is a tragedy. to think of the men and women who have made the sacrifices for a country have to wait in line and die in line waiting on health care is a real tragedy to our system. this is a clear example of the dysfunctionality of the united states government and our ineptitude at managing the system. what i will do to improve is hold the people responsible accountable for their mistakes and if we need to start firing people from the top down, let's do it. tomr. dasher, your plan help? >> i would like to thank our veterans for our cert -- their
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service and sacrifice. i think they deserve better than what they are getting. i think they deserve the same quality of health care. what a we take our tax dollars and buy our veterans a private policy, the same type of policy i have that increases access to so they don'td have to die in waiting rooms? holloway, your plan? >> i was in congress 21 years ago. my plan was that they should have a card that goes into the hospital that they went to. veteran should be able to go to the nearest hospital and get the nearest care they should get. the v.a. system is a government run agency. i'm not going to tell you that it is not a great thing for our waitans, but they sit and and to me, they should all be able to go to the va hospital
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and use a card. jamie mayo, your answer? >> i would do the same as the mayor of the city of monroe. i would agree with the decision to fire the secretary. once we came up with that, i would come up with a plan to address those issues. those veterans are very important. they have served our country in a major way and we to make sure they are being taken care of. we do that on a federal basis and state basis as well as a local basis. representative mcallister, 30 seconds on the question. >> being a veteran, i know how important it is. i will continue to fight, like i have been fighting for it. the legislation i introduced for the rural health care act for veterans. the fifth district is one of the most rural areas and i have to victims for those
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-- veterans first. format that we just passed is a step in the right direction but it is nowhere near as far as we have to go. we need to make sure that veterans can go anywhere, anytime and make sure they get the service they need. >> i think we need to hold accountable those in the veterans administration who have failed our veterans. we need to make sure the veterans are getting the care they deserve to receive and as quickly as possible. it is inexcusable that they would have to wait in line months to get an appointment and it is furthermore inexcusable that there was a fraud in the health care system where they were keeping the duplicate set of hooks out in arizona on veterans that were waiting in line and getting seen by a physician we need to be effective in holding people accountable in the v.a. system >> dr. ralph abraham, your thoughts on the current status
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-- >> what is happening is a moral and ethical travesty in tragedy. it is an example of how the layers of government can mess up a program. the more they have, the less it gets. innow people that have died the v.a. system. give those veterans to us, the private doctors. we can take care of them. we will get them to a specialist in a week or two when they need them. we can do it better. , your plan.n >> it seems that i'm the only veteran was actually a patient of the health care system. it is a result of the affordable care act. i could not be happier about that. it is also care. i want to salute the men and women network and the v.a. with our veterans. they do a great job under trying circumstances. when you defund medical centers,
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the weights get longer in other ones. the weight at walter reed and other facilities around the country is to be expected. >> our fourth question of the evening. viewsndidates' multiple post this question. you support the legalization of marijuana at any level? starting with republicans act -- or. dasher. supported unless in rare circumstances. >> do you support the legalization of marijuana at the federal level for health or recreational use? >> i do not. i believe that marijuana leads to many more problems than it helps. i am opposed to legalizing it on any level in any state, federal, anywhere else. >> jamie mayo, your stance on the issue? >> i do not support the
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legalization of marijuana for health or any other reason. representative mcallister, should marijuana be legalized in the state of leak when you -- state of louisiana? >> i do not think it should be legalized on a federal level. recreationalon use, i'm opposed. -- medicinal use, i think it is up to the doctors. >> mr. tarpley, same question. the am opposed to legalization of marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. >> ralph abraham, your stance? >> as a physician, let me tell you. what i see in my practice from any level of marijuana use is bad. i'm against recreational, i am against medical. in the medical profession, for
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patient care -- cancer patients that need help, we have alternatives that work better -- oxycontin, oxycodone, you name it. we have several options it at do a much better job for chronic pain. i've had hundreds of patients with cancer that needed it. >> i'm absolutely for a state's right to legalize marijuana should they see fit. at that level, it becomes a state issue. washington and colorado are updating outdated laws and it's being update -- hampered at a federal level to remove marijuana to schedule one narcotics. it is less harmful to society than a call or tobacco and are recommend its use to anybody. >> absolutely not.
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defined as a gateway drug and it will lead to worse drugs 14 agers and some adults. we need to hold firm on this. i will not support recreational nor medicinal youse. posit for aing to short break. when we come back, we will ask the candidates about border security, and higher secure --uld -- fire border secure higher border security. >> your voice, your vote. you have been watching campaign 2014 oyster boat. >> welcome back to void your -- voice your vote.
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agree with president obama's military policy on isis and should he seek consent prior to -- >> you worry about how many people will be killed. i think he should go to congress and get permission to go to war. i believe that isis -- we should kill them all. there is no doubt in mind that what we do, we cannot allow things -- you can't draw a line in the sand and when they cross the line, they cross the line. you have to stand up.
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our president does not have one. do i agree with what is going on? -- it either we get other people on the ground. your thoughts on the handling of isis and the middle east. >> i think the president has done what any administrator will do and that is listening to military advisers and getting a briefing as any administrator would do. in the city of monroe -- \ you have to be careful as you proceed. the airstrikes, i agree. the ground troops, i think he needs to listen to his military that hed i believe should communicate with congress. , thatms of going to them is something that the president can handle. >> same question.
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should the president seek congressional consent prior to further action? >> i believe he should. i don't agree with a lot of the president's foreign policy. --t i don't agree with this mustutely, at any cost, toihilate isil and make it where this serious barbaric threat is no longer a threat to the united states on their soil or our soil. >> mr. tarpley, do you agree with the president's policy? >> i think the president should have sought congressional approval before ordering airstrikes in syria and iraq. i think congress and only
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congress has the authority under the constitution to declare war. must acthe president with courage to in regards to fighting ice is in the middle east. we need to destroy this group. , inhumanepart barrack people that need to be wiped off the face of the earth, but we must have congressional approval and authorization to go to war. congress needs to act and of congress must vote to approve military action in the middle east. >> do you agree with the president's military policy? >> as a veteran, he missed the -- he missed the boat. he would not take the shot. have isis on the
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outskirts of baghdad. it will take arming the kurds. the mayor is right. there are about 40,000 isis members but there about 2 million kurds. calculate the difference. it has to be better than his response so far. should he seek congressional consent prior to additional action? >> if you have to choose between world war and world peace, i congressrld peace should weigh on its moment's decision. congress has decided they need time to run for reelection. handling world
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affairs and that is a problem. >> do you agree with the president's policy? >> i moisten favor of actions the company people and not resident. it is a barbaric and severe threat to the nation. i am support -- in support of the airstrike. putting boots of on the ground if it comes to that. >> i think the president should seek congressional approval. the group isis has committed think so heinous that al qaeda kick them out. i don't think we should take anything off the table when it
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comes to eradicating the threat of isis. i would rather do it on or -- our soil before they make it to -- their soil before i make it to our soil. she asked, what solutions would you offer regarding immigration? >> we know that immigration is a tough issue and i think we all agree that immigration reform is needed. there are laws relative to that that need to be followed. the borders need to be secured. not only the president, but the senate as well as the house need to work together to make sure we happen.the issues that >> the country will be better if we had three parties in which republicans, democrats, and independence working together instead of fighting each other >> --
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other. >> we stayed three days longer into recess trying to get this to pass. for me, it is simple. let's be real about it. -- they not be here would not be here for we did not want them here. we should enforce those laws. it should be a criminal offense when you cross the board to the country illegally. when you we catch the same immigrant three times in the same night, it is unacceptable. >> is a federal crime to come to come crime into our country without a visa. if you do it twice, that it's a felony. we already have enough laws on the books right now to solve the problem of illegal immigration. they just need to be enforced. the president has not enforced the law and congress must hold him accountable for failing to enforce the immigration laws of
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this country. i'm not in favor of amnesty or in favor of a pathway for citizenship because i don't think we should reward people for violating the law. >> thank you, mr. tarpley. dr. abraham, what solutions or proposals would you offer regarding immigration? >> we certainly need legal immigration for our workforce because we are deficient in that area. we have got to seal the borders. do it with the national guard. we have illegals coming in from 75 different countries. as i said earlier, we have illegals coming in from 75 different countries. again, we're talking about laws here. enforce the laws, but you have to catch them first. there are up to 2,000 people a night that cross our borders that we never know about. i've got pilots that i fly with that actually are on the border and the border is so porous that they just walk in. >> thank you. >> mr. barron, what solutions or proposals would you offer here? >> we have a very complicated relationship with latin america and i don't think it's the immigration we have a problem
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with but those who seek to settle so that's a different conversation. it's also an opportunity to look at the relationship between church and state. these people are coming from countries where the catholic church has a very large influence and abortion is illegal. women who are making more babies than they can carry are sending them north to our border and it's become our burden to carry. >> thank you. mr. brown your solutions or proposals regarding immigration. >> yes, absolutely. let's seal the border. let's enforce the laws that are on the books and let's stop the flow of illegal aliens into our country. they're putting a burden on our local law enforcement agencies and now putting a burden on the state of louisiana to the tube -- the tune of $10 million with a 280,000 to 300,000 refugees that we receive here in louisiana. it's a burden to our law enforcements and our budget and it needs to be stopped. we can no longer incentivize free travel across our border. >> thank you, sir. mr. dasher what solutionings or
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, proposals would you offer regarding the nation's immigration? >> number one, seal the border. number two, enforce the laws on the books. number three, this is something nobody is talking about. what is the reason for the influx of aliens across our borders? it's because we subsidize a large percentage of our population not to work through our welfare programs. we need to have a serious talk about entitlements reform. there is a reason why they're coming. it's because no jobs are available because americans won't take them because they can make more money on welfare. any serious discussion about immigration reform must begin with a discussion about entitlements. >> mr. holloway, what solutions or proposals would you offer here regarding immigration? >> i truly believe that we have the border patrol people that could stop anyone from crossing our border. we can send them back, we can absolutely have fences. we need to have a fence. and i'm not afraid to say that one of my nieces' husband said after 9/11 they had no problems. they thought we were going to
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kill them if they crossed the boards border. there was no work for them to do because there was no one crossing the border. there's a lot that can be done but number one, we have to know every person that crosses our border. >> now to a 30-second question to our candidates on education. should the federal government provide financial relief to college graduates who are struggling to repay student loans, and what proposals do you have to make college possibly more affordable? we'll start with representative mcallister. >> this is one the problems that we are facing today. the burden of what it costs to get a degree from one of our higher learning institutes. we had to come up with some programs to get some relief. in a rural district like we have, we can allow the brightest minds to come to area where they needed to find jobs. i allowed them to come here and contribute back to the community. i believe it's a problem that's building that we're not aware of. it's festering right now and it's going to become a big
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problem in the very near future. >> mr. tarpley, in 30 seconds, should the federal government provide financial relief to college graduates struggling to repay some of those loans? how can a college be made more affordable? >> colleges have charged enormous tuition fees to students going to college. one of the reasons is because of this never-ending flow of money under the federal student lone program. we have to get control of tuition. the largest or should of debt growing is student loan debt. students loan debt is unbelievable and we have to have relieve for students that are struggling to repay threes student loans. >> dr. abraham, your thoughts on possible relief by the federal governmenttor college grads who are struggling to repay students loans and what proposal do you have that could make college
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more affordable? >> i have three children that have been through college, so i get it. lower the interest rate on these student loans to 1% or 2%. right now they're playing 6% to 8%. that's an easy, simple solution that can happen tomorrow. another alternative -- let them go to college, let them go to a trade school, any advanced school out of high school and if they can't afford it, have them go into government service for a year or two afterwards to repay the government what a novel idea. it would work. other countries do it. it's worked every time. >> mr. barron, your thoughts on whether the federal government should provide financial relief to college grads who are struggling to repay those loans and thoughts on how college can be made more affordable. >> well, if the federal government is going to step in and bail out the auto industry, the financial industry, the insurance industry as we've seen with the bones they've been thrown through the final passing of the affordable care act, why
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not the individual students? we rely on education as a benchmark for many jobs and those jobs are usually the jobs with benefits if we are going for the private, free-market solutions. so we want to encourage people to get a higher education or some traininging. >> mr. brown, should the federal government provide some relief and what might make college for foy ardable? >> the opportunities there is to allow these students the opportunities to refinance these loans and get a better rate of interest on their loans and then when they get out of the college, let's be sure they have the proper work environment. let's be sure we provide the proper incentive in these rural parishes, so they can get a job and work down on this $100,000 worth of debt. it's all about creating the proper environment so that jobs, including individuals, can prosper in. >> mr. dasher, should the
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federal government be providing financial relief to college grads who are struggling to repay loans and do you have a proposal to make college more affordable? >> we have about 144 trillion worth of unfunded liabilities in this country, an $18 trillion debt. the thought of bailing somebody else out is ludicrous. we don't have the money. i think the answer is, is to get the federal government out of the way. the seems like the more they get involved, the price goes up. the answer is we need to get the federal government out of education as much as possible. >> ok. thank you. candidate holloway. should the federal government provide financial relief for some of these college graduates? >> well, a senior citizen gets less than 1% on a savings account. so why should they be paying 7%, 8%, 9% for a student loan? i think the interest is one of the things we can do the best. i think public service should be -- i think everyone in our country should have public service.
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if you're a young person you should serve in this type of public service for six months, a year, two years, whatever they set for time. i just believe that would create what we need in our country and make young people more responsive. >> ok, wrapping up this question, mr. mayo, your thoughts on the issue of student loan relief and how college can be made possibly more affordable. >> there's no question about the federal government should provide some relief in terms of decrease in some of interest rate. in fact, i'm aware of the fact that a senator is working on a bill to do such. i've had two kids that have gone through college. not only are they having to pay back the loans, but i'm having to pay back the loan myself and my wife. so it's unconscionable to think that all the money that's got to be paid back by students. >> thank you, mayor. our eighth question of the
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evening posed by many of our viewers is all about jobs and the economy. what is one thing you might do to create new jobs in louisiana's fifth district? mr. tarpley, 30 seconds, please. >> one of the biggest problems we have is government regulation. we've made it so difficult for small businesses to operate and function. the tax burden has been unbearable and the regulatory burden has been incredible. small businesses aren't able to afford lawyers and accountants and all sorts of experts to help them deal with all the regulatory burden that they have. reducing the burden is one thing we can do to help small businesses create jobs, because most jobs are created by small businesses and that's the backbone of our economy. we need small business job relief in the fifth district. >> thank you. mr. abraham, what is one thing you'd do to create new job in louisiana's fifth district? >> fifth district is the largest row crop district in the nation and we can't supply enough lib for it because of the regulations that the e.p.a., the
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i.r.s., obamacare puts on our businesses. those are the job killers. cut those back, repeal what you can, change what you can't. it's not a matter of funding, it's a matter of spending that we're doing. lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%, cut the income tax, and go to a flat tax if we could and that would solve 99% of your job problems. >> thank you, mr. barron. 30 second. what's one thing would you do to create jobs in louisiana's fifth district? >> i'd like to think i'd be a bit of a traffic cop in directing industry leaders looking for great places to do work. i know of two new plants that have been built in old timberland. one in morehouse parish and grant parish, making an alternative fuel used in the united kingdom. that is a lot of jobs.
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they're building rail cars in rapides and painting them in st. landry. i love all of this. i want to make sure that investments continue. >> ok, mr. brown, what is one thing you would do to create new jobs in the fifth district? >> well, let's be sure the federal government is providing the proper environment where jobs can prosper. we're the ninth poorest district in the nation. we have to do something to bring ourselves out of this rut. let's lower the capital gains rate and get rid of the gridlock in washington and get the keystone pipeline improved so those jobs can be put to work and promote our own energy resources, so hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs can be brought to the fifth district. it could be a $74 billion impact to the state of louisiana and $4 billion goes to the local and state tax covers. >> what would you do to create new jobs? >> my plan starts with eliminating capital gains tax. this would ignite capital invest in our economy. we have to have regulatory reform. in 2013 the competitive enterprise institute estimated that we spent as americans $1.86 trillion to make compliant
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government regulations. this is $15,000 per household. we have to peel back some of these unnecessary regulations. we need to pursue domestic energy production. we have enough oil and gas here in the united states of america that we could be virtually energy independent. that would create thousands of jobs. >> thank you, mr. dasher. we need to produce this in large numbers. we can have plants that will continue pushing the product out of the state. there is a lot that can be done. i think we have to help people who make low income.
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we need to demand that they work. >> ok, mayor mayo, what's one thing you would do to create jobs in the fifth district? >> as mayor of the city of monroe we have created many jobs with center link and also chase and created an interthat's conducive to growth. i would develop along the river. the first thing is to stop fighting in congress stop fighting the president and work together and do everything we can. this is one of the poorest districts in the united states. >> congressman mcallister, what would you do to create jobs? >> i'd continue doing what i have been doing, trying to make sure that everything is applied for throughout the district for economic development, get support to give back, like the million dollars we got for the northeast development rural center, building a new facility out by the monroe airport, like
6:41 pm
the money we got for the madison port to create jobs there. for me it's about supporting this district and cutting back every regulation we can to encourage a better working environment. i got 100% rate with small businesses. small business is the key. >> representative, our ninth question is yes or no, if you would. if governor bobby jindal announces his bid for the presidency, will you support him? dr. abraham, let's start with you. >> i will. >> mr. barron? >> i will not. >> mr. brown? >> yes, i will. >> mr. dasher? >> i would not support anyone who wants to run. >> mr. holloway? >> i will not. >> and mr. mayo? >> no. >> representative mcallister? >> he's got a lot of convincing to do with me, not right now. >> mr. tarpley? >> no, not at this time. >> all right, thank you, we'll be right back here in just a few moments. we'll hear final thoughts when we come back.
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>> you've been watching the campaign 2014 "voice your vote" congressional forum live on knoe news and cbs 2, brought to you exclusively by creed and creed. >> we are back, thank you for joining us. final comments from our candidates. >> welcome back to "voice your opinions." gentlemen. we'll start with mr. barron, a final thought from you, sir. >> i want to thank everybody for bearing with us all tonight and i want to let you know that 3/4 of the eligible voters that are likely to not participate in this election, but i am here for you, whether it's the two-party system or the candidates or the style of campaigning that has been taking place that has turned you off, we're here for you and for the 25% of the likely voters that are still
6:43 pm
undecided, i'm appealing for your vote. those of you that have chosen but don't like your vote, a vote for the green party is a vote for louisiana and its abundant natural resources, a vote for political freedom and independence. a vote for democratic participation, justice, fairness, for independence and freedom for one and all and it's also a vote for peace. i'm against violent crime and i want to bring louisiana back to the top. >> ok. and next, mr. dasher, we want to ask you, without mentioning any of your opponents here, why should i vote for you? >> well, this is why i think all the issues that we've talked about tonight boil down to one thing. we have a federal government that is out of control that believes that they're god. i disagree. there's one god. so i sit here before you tonight in the vein of reason with thomas jefferson when he wrote that famous argument. he said we hold these truths to
6:44 pm
, be self-evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that's why i'm running. i wants to fight on that ideal of what makes america great, god-given natural rights. our rights do not come from politicians in washington dc. they don't come from governors and from presidents and congressmen. i'm not going to determine your rights, i'm going up there to defend your rights and i ask you for your vote. please send me to washington so i can be a voice for your defense. >> mr. brown, 15 seconds. >> i walked you through my experience of farming, oil and gas and those three districts overlap. i've mentioned to you my community service in the form of the levee district, the mosquito abatement board and the walsh tau valley association. these three non-profits have sent me to washington for the past 15 years.
6:45 pm
i've helped attract co-sponsors for bills and walked those bills through the halls of congress and seen them become law. these laws that i've helped secure are protecting thousands of residents in the fifth district today. i secured millions of dollars of funding for bank stabilization along the washita river. we're number 27 on the ballot and i appreciate everyone being here with us tonight. i'd like to thank all of my opponents for coming out and it's been a pleasure traveling on the campaign trail with them. remember me when we go to vote, remember my industry experience and my community service and my commitment to you. >> thank you, sir. continuing on, mr. holloway, without mentioning any of your opponents, why should i vote for you? >> well, i want to start out by saying i think every night i ask god if i'm to win, that i win and if i win, i do what's right. i served three terms, which is six years. i do not guarantee people i get my seniority. i'm not going to do that. but i feel that i will have six years into my seven years of seniority when i go there. 80% of the chairmans of
6:46 pm
committees or leading subcommittees are people that served with me years ago. so the relationship i have with those is very valuable, i think, to the fifth district of louisiana and will be very valuable. the first bill i will introduce is one that will ask that we limit what you can buy with food stamps. i think that we allow t-bony steak -- i grew up on peace, beans and black-eyed peas. i wouldn't be four feet tall at the was not for them. i believe it would work on obesity and i think it would serve many, many things that we need done in this country today. >> thank you very much. and mayor mayo, your final thoughts without mentioning your opponents. why should i vote for you ? >> well, you should vote for me, please, because i have the leadership skills as well as the experience in both the legislative and administrative. and we have created the best environment that's conducive for job growth and economic development here in the city of monroe.
6:47 pm
we will do it for the fifth congressional district. you've heard talk about a number of different things tonight and one of the problems that we have in congress is every answer has been against the president. disagreeing or criticizing the president. that is what is wrong with congress now. there's too much fighting. you have to be able to work together. i've done it in athletics. i've done it in business. i'll be able to do it in the fifth congressional district. my number is number 31. i appreciate you tuning in tonight. god bless you and keep you in his care. >> representative mcalister, why should i vote for you? >> well, for me it's pretty simple. for all of my 40 years i've only been allowed in the room to take what the government gives me and figure out how to make what i make through this world. now you put me up there for a year and i got to be in the kitchen and for that i ask you to finish what we started. back last november you trusted me to go up and fight the fight.
6:48 pm
regardless of any personal mistakes in my personal life i have done the job. i've taken the fight to them. they call me a maverick. they call me a loose cannon. i'm the 5th district's maverick and loose cannon. i'm one of you. for that i will always fight for you. i am your biggest lobbyist when it comes to going to washington because i'm your lobbyist against all the other special interests out there. i care and i'll keep caring. i love you. i ask for your vote and hope to see you soon. >> mr. tarpley without mentioning any of your opponents why should i vote for you? >> the policies of the federal government are destroying the middle class in this country. we see rising prices, wages that are stagnating, jobs that have been shipped overseas. right here in our district we see jobs that have been lost over the last ten, 15, 20 years. what is the problem? the problem, ladies and gentlemen, is not that washington is broken. washington is bought.
6:49 pm
the problem is that special interests control what goes on in washington. we need a congressman who will not be controlled by special interests, that won't allow the pac money and the big money from the big corporate interests to dictate what he does in washington, d.c. we need a congressman that will fight for the middle class, that will fight for the farmers, that will fight for the small businessmen, and work hard at representing the citizens of this district. that's what i intend to do. >> the last comment tonight from ralph abraham without mentioning any of your opponents why should i vote for you? >> folks, we've got to get back to the constitutional and christian rights that our founding fathers envisioned. we are so far down that road or away from that room that the cliff is really close. i want to run for the right reasons. i want to serve for the right reasons. not for political gain, not for monetary gain, and not for money. if you look at my website, if elected, i've told you i would
6:50 pm
donate my salary to st. jude's and benefits organizations. a terrible day for me when i have to look a mother in her eye and tell her her child has cancer. st. jude's is a saving grace organization. we can do this. i ask for your vote on november 4th. i'm ralph abraham. thank you so much. >> thank you, doctor. we appreciate that. >> that is all the time we have this evening. we thank all of our candidates and you for joining us tonight and make sure to get up to the polls on november 4th. >> and a special thanks to creed and creed for sponsoring tonight's political forum. >> thanks for joining us here in alexandria. >> it's going to be quite an election day. >> it will be. >> see you back here next month. >> your voice, your vote. you've been watching campaign 2014 voice your vote congressional forum live on knoe news and cbs 2 brought to you exclusively by creed & creed. hampshire, democratic
6:51 pm
senator jeanne shaheen is running for a second term. her challengers republican scott brown, who before moving to new hampshire, served as u.s. senator from massachusetts. here are a few minutes of one of the recent debates. when the president does something right, i support him. when he does not do something right, i will make sure he knows that. that is a huge difference to be an independent senator. i voted with the other side 50% of my career. as an independent center, i can do that. when we work together on an insider trading bill, we got it done. i worked with democrats to bring him over. we were at the signing ceremony of the hired veterans bill. it gives the employer's ability to give them a bit of a tax credit. bill, ington cemetery worked with democrats to make sure heroes were buried rapidly.
6:52 pm
-- buried properly. i think senator shaheen even voted for that. if you want gridlock, send senator shaheen down there. if you want a senator who has a history of working with oath sides and has been named as the most bipartisan senator in the united states senate, i'm your guy. >> my opponent talks a lot about that survey. what he won't tell you is why brothers are extending $2.6 million in new hampshire to support his campaign. i don't think it is because they think you will go to washington and support small businesses. i think it is because they know he is going to washington. he is going to continue to support subsidies to the big oil companies, the five biggest welcome base last year made over $90 billion and he wants to give them over $20 billion in subsidy. i don't think that is good for new hampshire.
6:53 pm
>> she is distorting a bill that votedly -- but democrats against. we are raising money the same way. she has her groups, i have my groups. i am scott brown and i approve those message. i have no control over any other messages. we have an opportunity because the people of new hampshire are smarter. they are very sophisticated. they understand that senator shaheen has not held town halls. they understand that when she went to washington, she has changed and is not focusing on small business. she has a zero rating. with respect, i have been fighting for small businesses. that is what i have an a rating with united states chamber of congress. >> the national federation of independent businesses has some members here and i appreciate what those members do. support in, like his so many other ways in this campaign, they are funded by the koch brothers.
6:54 pm
we need someone who is going to support small businesses. that is what i have done my whole career. >> more senate debates coming up on c-span tonight. first, new jersey were democrat cory booker was elected in a special session last year. he is seeking a full term. his challenger is jeff bell. you can see the two debate tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. then at 9:00, a debate with south carolina senator tim scott, who was appointed to the senate last year. and this yearican he is running against democrat george dickerson and third party candidate jill bossi. democratic senator kay hagan is seeking a second term against thom tillis. >> one of those key senate races is north carolina and the north carolina senate race.
6:55 pm
jim morris joining us on the phone, a political supporter with the charlotte observer. what are the latest polls? >> is even. . about even. there are two polls who have showing a dead heat. we have seen more tv ads it is showing no signs of letting up in the last week. we will see what is driving them to the polls across the country. north carolina, what are the issues? it depends on who you talk to. on the republican side, trying to make president obama the issue.
6:56 pm
the threat of isis and threat of ebola. hagan is trying to assemblyation, federal the issue. it's like a mirror image of each other. host: you have this headline from one of the recent stories. hillary clinton and kay hagan make appeal to women during a recent charlotte rally. why women? are a big factor in this race. enjoyed the gender gap favoring her. women vote more often and more regularly than most people here.
6:57 pm
they make up a bigger share of registered voters. that could make a difference host. host: what about older voters in north carolina? when impact could they have? caller: they could have a pretty significant impact, too. the early data i've seen from early voting says the average age of voters was a bit older. older than it had been during the presidential race. which would tend to favor the republicans, i think. although more democrats have voted earlier this point. typically favor republicans. host: and white voters. what about the white vote? thom tillis is going to
6:58 pm
win that. showed -- kay hagan needs more than that. this race is going to be out the margins. women and older voters, african-american voters and young voters. yet to get those people out of the margins. kay hagan has had hillary clinton. perry.llis had rick will that have an impact? caller: it fires up the bases. you had. and our governor -- you had rick perry and our governor.
6:59 pm
today, he is in charlotte with senator mccain and lindsey graham. tomorrow, mitt romney. kay hagan hasthat is firing up c base. host: what are you watching for in the closing days? surprises.e october thedoing a story about campaign within a campaign aimed at african-american voters on the radio. there are some pretty inflammatory ads on both sides in that area. host: we will be watching.
7:00 pm
>> we will talk with matt lewis and amanda terkel. edwards on hernd recent cover >> live one season every morning. let's be part of season campaign 2014 coverage. follow us on twitter. like us on facebook. get video of key moments from our politics team. 107 you you can interest lane -- you can instantly share your thoughts about what the candidates are saying. follow was and like us on facebook.


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